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the muses

the members of Melanin Muse Art are referred to as "the muses".

Meet them here...


Diamond Ashman / FOUNDER / Executive Director

As a curator, Diamond has hosted over 25 events of a wide variety including community markets, art exhibitions, & talent showcases. The events normally highlight visual arts, music & instrumentation, spoken word, and dance. She has created numerous innovative events including a Mural Competition, Interactive Art Exhibitions, multi-talent showcases, large music jam sessions, a body art competition, mommy & me events, and mental health awareness events/markets. She plans to curate more interactive events with conceptual themes for her future events. These themes will be centered around connecting the community, cultural revitalization, & support of the arts.

As an Artist, Diamond creates large-scale murals, paintings, and graphic designs. She has also been body painting for 8 years. Her works usually depict spiritual concepts, historical context, or cultural images. She enjoys invoking discussions and thoughts surrounding the meaning and symbolism in her pieces. She believes, "Art is a reflection of life."

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Christine has always been into creative & artistic activities as a kid. She started as a dancer & also loved making crafts with her hands. Her art style is inspired by her dreams that she often has and her perception of reality, as well as, the world around her. Christine specializes in acrylic & oil-based paintings. “My creativity doesn’t stop at art. I’m always finding new ways to express myself & explore new talents!”

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The ultimate expresser of art. Eminence has been continuously perfecting her craft in all artistry that she exhibits. She recently began truly seeking self sufficiency in her art career. She is well known for her charisma, charm, & ability to adapt to her surroundings instantaneously. Eminence, AKA Charity Giles, can be identified for her graceful yet vibrant use of water color & ability to capture the attention of many with her wonderful use of hue and depth. Her pieces are mesmerizing & close to her heart, as she uses her emotions & experience in life to bring a well executed & high quality finish to all that she does .

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Kanika Blair / Co- Creative Director

Kanika Blair (b. in Chicago, IL) is a digital artist who currently resides in Houston TX. As a digital artist, Kanika’s practice combines mixed media collage and digital art as her performances. She creates heavenly dreamscapes art that is heavily influenced by spirituality, mythology, astrology, religion, the Renaissance era as well as other eras in History.

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Melanin Muses

Tiana Rodgers / SECRETARY 

Hello! My name Tiana, aka Marvelous Peacock and I am a mixed-media artist. I am a Houston native and currently reside there. I began my creative journey at the young age

of 10, drawing anime/manga characters. Over the years, I have started creating jewelry, custom tumblers, resin works, and I am currently painting. My art often contains abstract

and contemporary elements as these allow me to express myself the best. 

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